We are students fighting for free college. As tuition hikes, campus hunger and homelessness, and overwhelming student loan debt put higher education out of reach, we are leading a movement to put college within reach for all.

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1,200 percent

increase in the cost of tuition in a generation

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Our grassroots campaign is led by students and supporters like you. With your help, we can remake our higher education system into one where hard work and talent -- not income or wealth -- determines your success in college and beyond.

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$1.5 Trillion

in student loan debt nationwide.

  • Rise conducted a survey to figure out specifically how college students have been affected by COVID-19. Our survey found that:⠀
52% of students were unexpectedly laid off from a job or had hours significantly cut back due to COVID-19.
  • Many of us are trying to find something fun and relaxing to take our minds off of the stressful headlines we are seeing everyday.⠀
If you are one of the many looking for a good distraction, join us for Rise Trivia tomorrow for a chance to win $100.⚡️
  • This is how students feel during COVID-19. ----> ⠀
“It’s easy to get depressed or feel like you’re not being productive. You’re kind of shut down in a way. That’s the part I’ve been struggling the most with.”⠀
Read the full LA Times article - Link in bio
  • 🎂Happy Birthday @carteroselett! 🎈

We are lucky to be fighting to make college more affordable in Michigan with people like you! 🌟
  • If you are a student affected by COVID-19, go to StudentReliefFund.org and we will work together to help you.
  • 🚨Breaking: $7 billion in emergency financial aid is on its way to help students with: 
food 🍎 
housing 🏠 
childcare 💗 
healthcare 💊
  • Yes we are watching what you do! Read @MaxSLubin's op-ed on @MTVNews about how Congress should be helping students affected by Covid-19, what we are doing to help, and how you can help. ~~~~ Link in bio 💻✨
  • Our survey & students' stories are showing the harm coronavirus is causing students. We all need to look out for each other—we're all in this together 💙 “It’s easy to get depressed or feel like you’re not being productive,” she said. “You’re kind of shut down in a way. That’s the part I’ve been struggling the most with.” Our survey shows others are also being affected. Read the full article - link in bio.
  • 🚨We are urging Congress to enact a $1.2 billion emergency aid proposal for college students affected by COVID-19.⠀
The proposal will help students with: ⠀
✅ food⠀
Join Rise and @swipeouthunger in demanding Congress pass this by signing our petition. Link in bio
  • We want to help college students affected by COVID-19.⠀
Fill out this survey to help us identify your needs.|| Link in bio

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$7 billion

States Are Spending Less On Higher Education Than Before the Recession