#TitansTurnOut on Titan Walk for the midterm elections

A barrage of student organizations flooded Titan Walk on Thursday, marking the culmination of Cal State Fullerton’s efforts to engage younger voters. This included the formation of the Associated Students’ Voter Registration Coalition and the universitywide hashtag used by President Fram Virjee, #TitansTurnOut.

Students, staff and faculty were approached by members from several campus groups encouraging them to vote in the 2018 midterm elections. While each group on Titan Walk shared the goal of increasing voter turnout among college students, they did so with several different motivations…

Rise California encouraged students to participate in order to make the student vote more influential statewide.

“We’re trying to increase primarily the student vote so that elected officials in the future will know that students are having a high voter turnout. That will pressure them to hear our demands, hear our policy, hear what we want to see,” said Buomaro Vicente, the organizing manager for the group.

The full article is available on the Daily Titan. Please click here to read.


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