67 State Representatives & Senators Send Letter to Speaker Pelosi & Leader Schumer Supporting President Biden’s Free College Tuition Plan

Washington, D.C.—Today, 67 state representatives and senators representing 9 states delivered a letter to Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer announcing their support for President Biden’s plans for free college tuition. The sign-on letter was organized by The Campaign for Free College Tuition, a national nonpartisan organization, and Rise, a student advocacy nonprofit dedicated to free college.

“State leaders are urging Congress to act because they recognize President Biden’s plans for free college tuition are vital to their state’s economic recovery and workforce competitiveness,” said Max Lubin and Morley Winograd, the leaders of Rise and CFCT respectively, in a joint statement. “President Biden’s plans would help nearly 2 million more students go to college, generate $169 billion in additional GDP, and strengthen our nation’s recovery from COVID-19.”

A broad and diverse set of legislators representing nine states have signed onto the letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The state support for free college tuition comes as President Biden and Congress prepare plans to roll out his plans in the Build Back Better Policy agenda.

Statements from Legislators:

“I’m proud to support free college tuition for students in Michigan and across our country in urban and rural communities.” – Representative Amos O’Neal of Michigan

“College debt will cripple this nation and this economy. We can no longer afford to ignore this problem, and the idea of free college tuition absolutely must be explored if we’re going to continue to ensure that everyone has access to the high quality education they deserve.” – Representative Michael Schlossberg of Pennsylvania 

“With student debt skyrocketing, it is critical that college become more affordable. President Biden’s plan to make college tuition free for most Americans will increase access to higher education while boosting the economy.” – Representative Mike Sturla of Pennsylvania

“Education is the great equalizer and the surest ticket to the American Dream. If you care about equity and opportunity, support this. If you care about building a stronger economy that works for working families, stand up and support this. And if you care about giving working moms and dads the ability to provide a better future for their kids, tell your lawmakers that you support this. Because this one thing would do more good for the people of Washington state, and America, than all of the tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires that ever passed in our history.” – Representative Emily Wicks of Washington

“It has become more apparent than ever that equitable access to public education – and higher education specifically, is not only an educational issue. This is an issue that influences community and economic development, the health and safety of individuals, the future of our environment, and the overall life satisfaction enjoyed by members of our society.” – Representative John Lovick of Washington

“Equity is about opportunity. By investing in higher education, we open the doors for the best in our next generation. By making higher education affordable, Americans of all stripes will be able to access the American dream, including more Americans of color. The action we take today will make ripples tomorrow. I am proud to be among many other elected leaders who are dedicated to tearing down economic barriers to academic success.” – Representative Shelia Stubbs of Wisconsin

“From pre-K to higher education, our children deserve access to the support and learning needed to achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin, over half of our residents live paycheck-to-paycheck–a burden that is exasperated by having crushing debt from things like student loans. If we want to support families and our economy, we must remove barriers to financial stability by making sure college is obtainable and affordable for all.” – Senator LaTonya Johnson of Wisconsin

“We are living in a time of historic wealth inequality in the U.S., and higher education is the best pathway to social mobility that we have. I look forward to Pres. Biden making good on his campaign pledge to make higher education accessible for those who have been shouldered out of their fair shot at the American dream.” – Senator Chris Larson of Wisconsin

To download a PDF version of this press release, click here.


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