Project 60

Help Rise achieve 60% youth voter turnout in 2024!

Breaking youth voting records is a crucial part of building an enduring democratic majority and fighting far-right efforts to erode our democracy.

That’s why Rise is launching a new effort called “Project 60” to achieve 60% youth voter participation in 2024. Rise will train 4,250+ student organizers who will achieve over 1 million youth voter contacts to help reach 60% youth voter turnout and 595,000 new voters in Rise’s focus states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

In order to build the capacity of the youth organizing sector, Rise will also provide training, technology, and technical assistance to grassroots youth groups to increase their impact.

Anti-student voting rights legislation is being passed left and right across the country because the far-right recognizes the incredible power of the student vote. But we see this as the clearest sign that investing in youth vote is not just an opportunity, but a necessity.

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