Rise Action Fund and Rise Education Fund operate in tandem as “Rise” to increase access to higher education and foster youth participation in democracy. All activities undertaken by Rise fall into one of three categories: student organizing, youth civic education, and participating in the political process, primarily through legislative advocacy. Each of these activities are governed by different tax laws, and each organization in Rise’s tandem structure supports some or all of these activities. Through restricted grants to Rise Action Fund and other organizations, Rise Education Fund only supports Rise’s charitable and educational activities; it can accept tax deductible donations and unrestricted grants from a wide range of funders. Rise Action Fund directly conducts charitable and educational activities and also participates in the political process through legislative advocacy. 


You can support and advance students' ability to achieve a higher education and increase civic engagement by contributing to either or both of Rise Action Fund and Rise Education Fund.

Rise's Mission

Rise Action Fund:

Rise Action Fund

Gifts, grants, and contributions to Rise Action Fund allow us the greatest flexibility in our work. While not tax deductible, donations to Rise Action Fund advance our student organizing work, which includes issue advocacy, and our youth civic education programs. As a 501(c)(4) organization, Rise Action Fund can also participate in the political process through legislative lobbying at the federal, state, and local levels. 

Rise Education Fund:

Rise Action Fund

If you prefer to make a tax deductible gift or if your organization would like to make a grant to a 501(c)(3) public charity, we encourage you to support Rise Education Fund. Donations to Rise Education Fund support our student organizing, issue advocacy, and youth civic education programs. Support to Rise Education Fund will never be used directly or indirectly to support any candidate for elected public office or any political party or to intervene in any election. With your contributions to Rise Education Fund you are supporting affordable higher education for all and the next generation of student civic leaders.

Regardless of how you choose to support the work of Rise, we’re honored to have you as a partner in this critical work.


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