Apply to be a Student Navigator Lead!

Location: Mt. SAC Basic Needs Resources Center/Hybrid

Pay Rate: $16.00/hr* + $4.00 (*Rise, our partner organization, will provide a stipend at the end of each semester, equivalent to $4.00/hour for each hour worked in the form of a gift card)

Hours: up to 19 hours per week; full academic year commitment required

Schedules: Flexible Schedule


The Navigator Lead is responsible for providing direction, leadership, and supports the day-to-day operations of the program under general direction from the Manager of the Basic Needs Resources Center and SNN Program Manager.

The Navigator Lead will contribute to the creation of a successful, student driven program to address basic needs insecurity at Mt. SAC. This includes conducting outreach and developing relationships with various campus and community partners; organizing and supporting marketing/outreach directly to students; creating an extensive resource list; spending ⅓ of their time as a Navigator and offering other assistance as needed.

They may also be involved with leading professional development opportunities for the Navigators.


  • Program Development:
    • Create timelines and work-plans for all phases of program development
    • Support in Recruitment, interviewing and hiring Basic Needs Student Navigators
    • Create/adapt onboarding materials
    • Develop outreach materials, conduct outreach, and meet with, institution faculty, administrators, and staff in key programs to publicize the SNN (including Basic Needs, Mental Health/Counseling, Financial Aid, Student Success, Student Life, Dean of Students, Case Managers, BIT teams, Residential Life, Greek Life, Dining Services, Student Activities)
    • Develop outreach materials, conduct outreach, and meet with student organizations and leaders to publicize the SNN support at Basic Needs Resources Program
    • Develop outreach materials and conduct outreach to students to inform them about the SNN and how to apply
    • Develop outreach materials, conduct outreach, and meet with community organizations/providers that address basic needs insecurity
    • Create resource guide with school, federal, state, regional, and local benefits/resources
    • Other duties as assigned
  • Program Management:
    • Support in creating Basic Needs Student Navigator Network schedules
    • Monitor Student Navigator case management
    • Update school/local/state resource guides/website weekly
    • Maintain program’s CRM
    • Provide weekly reports for Deputy Director of the SNN and Director of Basic Needs Resources Program
    • Conduct ongoing outreach to students
    • Conduct ongoing outreach/meetings with faculty and administrators/staff
    • Conduct ongoing outreach/meetings with student organizations/leaders
    • Conduct ongoing outreach to students
    • Conduct program evaluations and reports
    • Virtually meet weekly with Deputy Director of the SNN


Must have a pleasant attitude, good customer service skills, and good computer skills. Must be eager to work, be punctual, and be able to handle confidential student information without incident. Must possess excellent communication skills, written and oral. Must work independently and proactively. Prior or current leadership experience is necessary. Must also have at least 1 year of customer service experience. Must have completed at least 12 units at Mt. SAC. Must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 units for Fall 2022. Must be available to attend weekly Friday meetings at 10 am. Must be available to attend mandatory training August 15 through August 20 between 12 pm and 6:30 pm. Hours vary daily. Must have Academic Good Standing (Not on progress or academic probation). Ideal Student Navigator Leads are advanced students, with one or more of the following: academic experience in the social or human services; a demonstrated passion for meeting students’ basic needs; professional experience in the social or human services; supervisory experience; program development; and program management. 

If interested, please apply via the application below. Please direct any questions or concerns to [email protected]. We look forward to reviewing your application.


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