Jocelyn McCullough

is a student equity activist from Northern Virginia. Jocelyn has created equitable policies in her home of Fairfax County. Jocelyn also co-founded Free Antiracist Minds (FAM) a non-profit organization focused on abolitionist policies. Currently, Jocelyn is a Bonner Scholar at Spelman College studying International Studies and Sociology. Jocelyn has networked and organized to create spaces for Voter rights education through town halls and a live event with Senator Time Kaine. Jocelyn is a member of Spelman’s Afrekete, NAACP, and NAN chapters. Jocelyn is also a member of the National Honors Society at Spelman College. Recently, Jocelyn joined the board of a new student-led organization called Change for HBCUs which focuses on creating spaces for students to discuss college affordability as well as create a space for advocating for all of the needs of students starting in the AUC.