Jemere Calhoun

is a LA2050 Organizing Manager and a Psychology and African American Studies Dual Major at Los Angeles City College. As the current Associated Student Government President, Jemere spends most of his time advocating for students and promoting initiatives that will positively affect them. Looking forward to transferring Cal State Long Beach in Spring of 2020, Jemere wants to leave a lasting meaningful and measurable change and uplift to the community of LACC. In 2005, as an employee of a non-profit property management company located in the Skid Row area of Downtown Los Angeles, he recognized the need for advocacy for housing, food insecurity and for the rights of all disenfranchised and marginalized people. This led him to become an outspoken member of the Los Angeles organizing committee, a big part of the Fight for 15, which was a nationwide campaign to increase the minimum wage and advocate for the rights of retail and fast-food service employees.