Jem Morris is an Education Major at Temple University specifying in English. Being someone that has had to advocate for their own educational rights, Jem is very passionate about not only educating others on the importance of higher education, but finding resolutions to this ongoing issue. Rise has shown the potential for them to expand their vision of fighting for free or affordable higher education. Jem is also an advocate for mental health awareness and anti-racism. In 2019, they were a Youth Producer at PhillyCam, and assisted in producing a live radio show where we discussed various topics including affordable college. Jem was able to work with Own Your Awesomeness, a non-profit organization that gives young girls the opportunity to seek confidence within themselves to pursue their passions. In 2022, Jem worked with community ambassadors to help their neighborhood get more active in voting and knowing their rights. Education is an essential aspect of the next generation, and overall making the world a better place. I believe that working with Rise with help us to be heard in the fight for affordable higher education.