Genesia Thompson (she/her)

is the Michigan Hub Program Coordinator at RISE. She is also currently a senior at Central Michigan University, graduating in May 2023. While she is double majoring in Sociology, concentrating in social and criminal justice and in Public and Nonprofit Administration, she is also in pursuit of earning a Certified Nonprofit Professional certification by the time of graduation. During her three years at Central, she took on various mentoring positions for students that are from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds. She also participated in minor student program management positions and participated in several student organizations that focused on assisting and standing up for people of undeserved social identities. Genesia also facilitated two dialogue classes that discussed race and discrimination in America. Genesia values resource access, equity, social change through activism, and widespread involvement. After graduation, Genesia plans to temporarily relocate to a larger city in Michigan and begin a life of working in the nonprofit sector.