The Student Navigator Network at USC is a 1:1 online student referral service that connects California college and university students with resources and helps them apply for public benefits.

Welcome to the Student Navigator Network at USC, a portal for California college students seeking help. After applying below, you will be directly connected to a trained Student Navigator who can help you find emergency financial aid, apply for public benefits, and connect with local resources. Please note: this is not an application for cash grants from Rise. We look forward to helping you!

*If the form is not working for you, please email [email protected]*

To learn more about the SNN, read our report on the Student Navigator Network and its impact on students

If you are interested in starting a SNN on your campus, please fill out this interest form and we will be in touch.


Student Navigator Network (SNN) at USC FAQs

1. What does the SNN do?

The purpose of this SNN is to connect California college students to government, school, and community-based resources in order to address financial and basic needs insecurity, mental health, and overall well-being. Basic needs insecurity includes food insecurity, housing insecurity, and homelessness, as well as difficulty accessing low-cost transportation, childcare, school supplies, and technology.

Our Student Navigators can help students by:

  • Determining eligibility for public benefits such as Unemployment Insurance, Medi-Cal, and CalFresh
  • Guiding students through application processes for public benefits
  • Helping students secure emergency funding, grants, aid, and assistance and appeal financial aid packages
  • Connecting students to community resources including food pantries, shelters, mutual aid organizations, mental health and health care providers, transportation assistance, and industry-specific emergency grants
  • Providing information about local, state, and federal policies or programs including eviction moratoriums, Wifi and low-cost computers, bill-paying assistance, stimulus payments, and student loan forgiveness
  • Providing emotional support

2. Who does the SNN serve?

College students in higher education at two-year trade schools and community colleges in California.

3. Where does the SNN at USC operate?

The SNN at USC provides help for college students in California.

4. Who’s behind the SNN at USC?

The Student Navigator Network at USC is part of Rise, a non-profit that addresses barriers to college attendance, persistence, and graduation. These barriers include basic needs insecurity as well as lack of college affordability. The SNN at USC is funded by the USC Good Neighbors Grant.