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Welcome to Student Navigator Network, a portal for college students affected by COVID-19 to seek help. When you apply below, a case manager will reach out to you to help you find emergency financial aid, apply for public benefits, and connect with local resources. Please note: this is not an application for cash grants from Rise. We look forward to helping you!

Rise is working hard to support college students who have been devastated by COVID-19. Read about Rise’s efforts to respond to COVID-19 in the Los Angeles Times, MTV, and Fortune Magazine.

Advocacy & the CARES Act

Rise and Swipe Out Hunger students helped win more than $6 billion in emergency financial aid for college students through the CARES Act. Join our #FAIRCARES student advocacy movement to make sure students have a seat at the table in disbursing these funds equitably, quicky, and transparently.

Survey Research

As the effects of the coronavirus become more clear, Rise is conducting research to assess the toll on students. Sudden campus closures, rapid layoffs, and unexpected moves have left students across the country in a lurch. In our first research effort, Rise surveyed more than 500 students nationwide who attend over 120 community colleges and universities.